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Thine head Selva me

            (Note: If William Shakespeare was alive today and seen the current unsustainable and unhealthy state of our sickness based health care system, I believe, he would have written this Sonnet)     Sonnet-Thine head, Selva me!  Thine head, it aches, your sickness makes you pause From things that thou woulds’t enjoy wert thou well; Too long, you’ve treated symptoms, not their cause, Reacting to whate’er to you befell.   Forget not this: there is another way! To list’ning ears, there is no sweeter sound: ‘Tis better to prevent than to allay The coughs from colds that plague the world around.   The choices that we make affect our health, The sicknesses we see, they prove that fact; For, being sick, it uses up our wealth, Better it is to keep our health in tact.   If stuck, right now, always treating illness, Revolt now, and take the steps to wellness. Selva, Its Me: www.Selva.me     .

What is Preventive Health Care?

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Thousands of individuals nowadays are looking for more ways to cut costs and avoid further complications by investing in wellness solutions or preventive health care. In medicine, earlier is always better, which is why people are encouraged to try a variety of remedies and routines that will ultimately keep them healthy and safe before any type of danger sets in. Knowing more about the approach will guide you properly on how to add years to your life. Brief Description Preventive health care or preventive medicine is described as taking the right measures that will keep diseases and injuries at bay, compared to having to cure and treat these and the associated symptoms. Preventive health care is a lot different compared to palliative and curative medicine. It focuses more on the specific needs of the individual, compared to generally providing regimens that counter various health problems. Primary prevention, however, is a population-based approach that can prevent epidemic and pandemic effects. The Levels There are 4 levels defined in wellness solutions, named primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. Primary prevention is described as taking measures that will prevent disease occurrence. Majority of health efforts focusing on entire populations are usually primary. Secondary prevention is described as approaches that identify or diagnose and treat current health problems during the early stages before it progresses to more serious complications. Tertiary prevention is defined as the methods that minimize the negative effects of present disease by reducing the complications and symptoms of the disease and restoring function. Quaternary prevention covers methods that will prevent results of excessive or unneeded practices in the health care system. About Primal Prevention Primal prevention is another term that defines all the necessary measures done to make sure that fetuses stay

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