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“Make A Fortune In The Wellness Industry”

 New Book Unlocks the Future of Healthcare Bestselling author Selva Sugunendran shares strategies for achieving success in the trillion-dollar wellness industry Bestselling author and wellness solutions expert Selva Sugunendran returns to the publishing world with a groundbreaking, wellness-centered guide to success, Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry: How to Initiate, Participate and Profit from the Trillion Dollar Wellness Healthcare Revolution. [youtube width=”666″ height=”408″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcBj5vJvymg&feature=relmfu[/youtube] Today’s depressed economic climate calls for a more proactive stance to achieving success and personal fulfillment. Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry is all about recognizing the trends and changes in culture and society and subsequently using creativity to make profit from it. Selva Sugunendran says, “There are rare moments in our lives when the winds of society and culture change in such a way that each and every one of us is granted a pure golden opportunity to grab the reins and achieve total success in our own lives. Unfortunately, some of us don’t recognize the chance until it’s come and gone, and once it’s gone, it’s too late. I’m writing this book because I’ve seen “the next big thing” coming down the pipe and I want to let you, my friends, know about it.” This “next big thing”, as the author calls it, is the wellness-based healthcare system, a trillion dollar business in the making. Selva Sugunendran’s book is an incisive manual for anyone who is interested venturing into this flourishing industry. The great thing about businesses in wellness healthcare is that both the consumer and supplier enjoy mutual benefits. “You help more people lead healthier, happier and longer lives while becoming wealthier and successful in the process,” says Selva Sugunendran. Filled with practical insights, Make a Fortune in the Wellness Industry unlocks the future to healthcare as it outlines the steps to

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Thine head Selva me

            (Note: If William Shakespeare was alive today and seen the current unsustainable and unhealthy state of our sickness based health care system, I believe, he would have written this Sonnet)     Sonnet-Thine head, Selva me!  Thine head, it aches, your sickness makes you pause From things that thou woulds’t enjoy wert thou well; Too long, you’ve treated symptoms, not their cause, Reacting to whate’er to you befell.   Forget not this: there is another way! To list’ning ears, there is no sweeter sound: ‘Tis better to prevent than to allay The coughs from colds that plague the world around.   The choices that we make affect our health, The sicknesses we see, they prove that fact; For, being sick, it uses up our wealth, Better it is to keep our health in tact.   If stuck, right now, always treating illness, Revolt now, and take the steps to wellness. Selva, Its Me: www.Selva.me     .

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